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The importance of employee handbooks cannot be overstated, even for small businesses. As many know, to compete for government contracting opportunities, employee handbooks are almost always required. But even if your business is not bidding on federal contracts, a well-designed and comprehensive employee handbook is essential. A clearly communicated set of reasonable workplace policies, if consistently enforced, often fosters a fair and welcoming workplace. Management should carefully craft policies that will contribute to the corporate culture they want to create, then update those policies regularly to comport with constant evolving laws.

Martin Law PLLC is reaching out to inform you about an opportunity to better protect the business you have created by either drafting your first employee handbook or updating your existing employee handbook. This service is offered in addition to providing employment law services such as drafting employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and providing advice on employee discipline, leave laws, and representation in wage-hour and discrimination court cases.

We understand the importance of clear communication in maintaining effective employer-employee relationships. Our team of experienced professionals focus on the unique challenges of small businesses and the importance of getting the employment law component right. We can provide you with the expertise needed to ensure your employee handbooks, contracts, and agreements are legally compliant, up-to-date, and tailored to your specific business needs.

Here are some of the key services we offer:

Employee Handbook Drafting and Revision

We can review your existing employee handbook and update it to reflect current employment laws and regulations. We customize your handbook to align with your company's values, policies, and procedures. Frequently, we work with a human resources consultant, who helps ensure that the handbooks are welcoming and helpful to your workforce.

Employment Agreements

Our team can draft from scratch or will carefully review and revise your employment contracts, making sure they are legally sound and protect both your company and your valued employees.

Independent Contractor Agreements

If your company uses independent contractors, we can draft comprehensive agreements that protect your interests while clearly outlining the scope of work, deliverables, payment terms, and intellectual property ownership rights. Independent contractors are NOT employees. We can work with you to limit the risk of blurring the distinctions between the two.

Our goal is to help you protect and grow the enterprise you have painstakingly built. Employee handbooks are just one tool to do that. By communicating clear expectations in writing, you can minimize the risk of disputes and misunderstandings with your employees, promote a positive work environment, and protect your company’s interests.

 If you are interested in any of the services outlined above, or would like to discuss specific case, matter or situation, please contact us! We would be delighted to schedule a consultation at your convenience, during which we can explore how we can best support your business.

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