Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against DC After School Employee Declares “Hate for White People”

Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against DC After School Employee Declares “Hate for White People”

Washington, DC – October 5, 2023 – Today, Martin Law PLLC announced its filing of a racial discrimination lawsuit against the District of Columbia Public Schools (“DCPS”) and the District of Columbia Government, including DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.

This lawsuit details brazen racial discrimination that includes a declaration during a ninth-grade assembly by a full-time DCPS employee that he had “such a hate for White people.”

DCPS administrators in the assembly expressed their support for the race-based hate speech. This was all witnessed by the school’s ninth-grade students.

The Plaintiff, one of two White teachers at a predominantly Black DCPS high school, attended the assembly for ninth graders and staff in January 2021.

Instead of following DCPS’s anti-discrimination policies, the high school’s principal, two assistant principals, and other faculty and staff supported the social worker’s statement of racial hate in front of the school’s ninth-grade class.

DCPS ignored its own Notice of Non-Retaliation in its ongoing mistreatment of this White teacher after the teacher filed a complaint with EEOC.

After our client, a teacher for over 19 years, reported the incident, DCPS began a concerted effort to destroy her exemplary career. The retaliation included but was not limited to, involuntarily transferring her to another school, deleting her pay, and fabricating false evidence as a pretext to unlawfully terminate her. For these reasons, we filed a civil action in Federal court to finally bring justice where there has been ongoing injustice.

“Unfortunately, we know racial animus of this type still exists. However, in this case, we have it on video being professed to young and impressionable Black DCPS students. Instead of standing against prejudice, the school’s administration, including the three principals and others, supported the hate-fueled language,” said Thomas B. Martin, attorney for the Plaintiff teacher.